Why choose Save On Delivery?

With more than ten years in business, Save On Delivery has been the most reliable name when it comes to affordable delivery services across Vancouver. Our passion paired with impeccable customer support has helped us to be the best delivery service in Vancouver. We have an array of services that all cater to help our customers by taking away all the inconveniences that comes with moving and delivery services and providing an overall hassle-free experience. With our state-of-the-art facilities and modern tools, we believe in efficient work, which helps us minimize manual labor, which translates to greater employee satisfaction resulting in impeccable service. Our commitment to time is admired throughout Canada, and we have set new boundaries when it comes to having a full-fledged backup team, including sufficient trucks to mitigate any emergency. We are constantly striving to bring out new innovations to equip ourselves better to make delivery as seamless and reliable as possible. We offer same-day delivery a wide range of services, including residential move, and Appliances deliver, Tiles and flooring delivery, junk removal and many other services. We genuinely care for our customers and take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety and integrity of your belongings so you can be rest assured that even the most fragile item is safe in our hands.

Services we provide

We at Save On Delivery have a whole host of delivery services that are both high quality and affordable. We are committed to giving the best price while maintaining quality. At Save On Delivery, we understand the inconvenience of delivery, whether moving into a new apartment or simply cleaning the junk you have accumulated over the years. We aim to give our customers a seamless and hassle-free delivery experience, something they can trust and rely on. Contact us to learn more about our service.
Reliable Appliance Delivery All Across Vancouver BC Canada - SaveonDelivery

Appliance Delivery

Delivering expensive appliances safely to your home or office can be a nerve-racking experience. But here at Save On Delivery, with over ten years of experience in the field, we pioneered effective and hassle-free appliance delivery services all across Vancouver at an affordable price.

Flooring & Tiles Moving Vancouver BC Canada - SaveonDelivery

Flooring & Tiles Moving

Save On Delivery, we have a team of experts with over ten years of experience in moving tiles which will assist in making sure tiles are not broken while being delivered.

Expert Cabinet Moving Professionals Vancouver BC Canada : SaveonDelivery

Cabinet Moving

We at saving on delivery offer various kinds of delivery services like Cabinet moving, Residential Moving, junk removal, appliance delivery, floor and tiles moving service, and much more. Head over to our website for more details. Save On Delivery, your trusted partner in seamless delivery services across Vancouver.

Excellent Residential Move Company In Vancouver BC Canada - SaveonDelivery

Residential Move

If you are planning to move to a new home, or you are moving to your very first home, downsizing, or moving closer to new work opportunities, whatever your reason, Save On Delivery will help you move to your new place.

Reliable Home Delivery Long Distance Moving Vancouver BC Canada - SaveonDelivery

Home Delivery

We provide home delivery services on almost anything. Whether you have purchased some furniture or simply need your shopping delivered, you can always count on us. We carefully pickup your order and deliver on time.

Junk Removal Services Vancouver BC Canada : SaveonDelivery

Junk Removal

Save On Delivery has an array of Junk Removal or delivery services, including Appliance delivery, Flooring and Tiles delivery, Cabinet Moving and Home and Office moving services. Contact us for more details on all our services and be with Save on Delivery, your trusted partner in seamless delivery services across Vancouver.

How do We work?

To avail of any of our services you simply have to make a request from our website or through the phone. Upon receiving your request, our experienced team will determine the complexity and give you an overview of the fees that will be associated with our service. We may also want to pay a visit and examine the location ourselves to make sure everything goes according to plan. Furthermore, we also have a no surprise pricing plan to ensure that you are entirely sure about the overall cost every time you avail of our service. We also understand the importance of cleanness and social distancing and therefore have a no-contact delivery system so that you do not ever have to be physically present and can supervise the whole operation if you have a camera installed at your home. We also care about your safety and take the extra step to clean out the mess and sanitize the whole compound that we are in contact with to make sure you are safe and not subject to any risk of us contaminating your house.

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