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Customized Moving Kits To Cater To All Your Needs 

Moving can be a daunting experience, and you may need to make a lot of preparation beforehand. We at Save On Delivery are committed to helping our customers and giving them a hassle-free experience. We have an array of moving kits at an affordable price to assist in that process to help you get started in your moving preparation. Over the years, Save On Delivery has created a reliable and consistent delivery service provider in greater Vancouver. We have always tried our best to listen to the community, understand our customers’ wants, and act accordingly to improve our service. There has been an increasing demand for moving kits requests as customers are not willing to shop themselves or buy things they are not familiar with. It is also not easy to find all the required items needed for a successful move, so with that in mind, we have customized our moving kit options to help customers get all the necessary tools in one place.

Popular Moving Kits 

We have made it extremely easy and convenient for our customers to pick all they need for moving at one convenient place. Some of our most popular options are:

Apartment Pack: Our most affordable pack with all the required items to move into an apartment. It contains 35-40 different-sized boxes, six tape rolls and one bubble roll, one marker, one tape gun, and a knife. Perfect for students who are looking to leave their dorm rooms and move into small apartments. 

Small Home Moving Kits: Our most popular moving kit is the small home moving kit, perfect for anyone with a small family. We have an array of tools in the pack to help with the hassle of moving into a new place. Every small home moving kit comes with 60 different sized boxes, many of which are specially made with padding built into it. You will get all the supplies you would get in the apartment pack, and we will add a newsprint bundle to help in the move. We also have the option to customize and add any other items or supplies you may think you will need, depending on your family’s needs.

Deluxe Home Pack: The jewel of our moving kit option that has even the bigger of the families covered is the deluxe home pack. With over 100 different boxes of different shapes and sizes and an additional special box to carry fragile items like dishes and tall boxes to carry laundry like suits and fancy dresses that can not be folded, this is a pack that has it all. We also included two bubble wraps instead of one to ensure you do not run out of them during packing. We, too, have the option to customize and add any other items if you need them.

Why Save On Delivery 

Our moving services have the best quality at an affordable price. Our customer support is working round the clock to make sure everything is seamless and you as a customer can have a hassle-free experience every time. So call us today to learn more.

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