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Relocating to a new place, even a few blocks away, can be a daunting experience. There are many things you have to worry about, and here at Save On Delivery, our goal is to make the transition easier for you by providing reliable local moving services across Vancouver. We have an experienced team of movers who are well equipped with power tailgates, aluminum ramp, Pallet Jack, and other tools to ensure that every local move goes seamlessly and that you, as a customer, are delighted. Over the last ten years, our only focus has been serving our customer’s needs and taking away all the hassle of moving by doing all the heavy lifting ourselves. At our core, we believe that our customers have granted us the responsibility of their prized possession. Our obligation is to be caring and make sure everything is moved safely to the destination, be it a local move or even cross country. Our commitment is our biggest asset. To comply strictly with our schedule, we have a backup team ready for any unavoidable circumstances and take drastic measures to fulfill our commitments.

Local Moving Services We Provide

Here at Save On Delivery, we have an array of well-curated services catered towards customers who need local moving services. Here is a rundown of some of the popular options loved throughout Vancouver.

COLLEGE MOVING: One of our most popular local moving services is when college students take the next step and begin their post-graduate life. Switching from the dorm room to a new place you can call home may not be so easy. Many things need to be carried; tight turns and narrow hallways do not make the process easier. And above all, although you have done the transaction to adult life, your finances may not have matured yet. With all these in mind, we have unique plans for our college folks and have been their go-to delivery service provider in Vancouver for the last ten years.

DELIVERY SERVICES: We also offer delivery services throughout the city so that your new purchase does not have to wait. From a brand new piano to a new couch, you do not have to worry about expensive costs that come with new purchases. Our team of professional movers will get it delivered to your destination at an affordable price.

COMMERCIAL DELIVERY SERVICES: One of our most anticipated services during the pandemic has been delivering office furniture or equipment to houses of employees who needed them to seamlessly transact to their new work from home routine. Delivering office equipment requires a large fleet and great attention to detail to ensure all the equipment is seamlessly delivered to its destination. We took extra care to ensure sufficient padding to keep all appliances safe.

For us, delivery is more than a service, it is a trust that our customers put in us, and for the last ten years, we have always tried our best to respect that. At Save On Delivery, we promise to deliver all our belongings on time and on budget safely. Call us to learn more.

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