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Have your own transportation? Here at Save On Delivery, you can only avail, loading and unloading services to help you with the heavy lifting. We believe in offering value through customized services, and with labor-only service, you can rest assured to keep your moving cost at a minimum. You can simply use your own truck or rent one yourself and seek our assistance with professional loading and unloading services. 

With this labor-only service, you rent your own rental truck or container, and we help with loading or unloading your belongings. This saves you the hassle of doing it yourself and speeding up your move, as well as saving you some money.

Save On Delivery, Movers You Can Trust 

Moving is just more than manual labor; it requires experience and responsibility to be a reputed loading and unloading company. Here at Save On Delivery, we have an array of experienced personals who have their background checked by us and access to different tools that helps us to provide you with a seamless experience. Our team also has a special protocol for covid and takes extra safety precautions and regular covid checks to ensure your safety. We also take the extra step to clean all the places of your house we come in contact with to ensure safety.

With over ten years of hands-on experience in the business, we at Save On Delivery bank on our impeccable service to make a name for ourselves. We understand the trust that our customers put in our hands, putting their prized possession in our hands, and we do everything humanely possible to respect this trust. Our team always goes above and beyond to deliver the best service possible, making us the most reliable delivery company in Vancouver.

How it works 

If you have to rent a moving truck or a storage container but don’t want to deal with the actual work yourself and do the heavy lifting, we can help you out with that as well. Our skilled moving crews will arrive and assist you in packing and loading as much or as little as you need into your rental truck as you like. We have a special aluminum plank to help load/unload even heavy items. We also specialize in moving heavy items in tight corners that would otherwise be difficult. But above all, we at Save On Delivery are well known to take responsibility for all our belongings and make sure they are protected during the course of the journey. We use special boxes with padding and cushions to meditate any physical damage. We also provide any moving kits you may require at the most reasonable price. 

In addition to these, we have an excellent customer support team who actually care for your needs and intervene in any situation. We have a well-equipped backup team that can be deployed in case of emergencies or if you need extra labor to speed up the process.

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