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Full Fledge Box Delivery At Your Disposal 

Delivery or moving services may look quite straightforward, but in reality, the amount of uncertainty in the job makes it a really difficult one at times. From narrow driveways to bends and twisted staircases makes our life even harder. That is why we always recommend you to seek assistance from professional movers like Save On Delivery to avoid the inconveniences of getting your new furniture on the staircase, much like Ross had in the “Friends” TV series. So, what makes an ideal professional who you can trust with your newest appliances? For starters, in our field of work, we need an array of different types of equipment that makes it easy and safe. We have a wide range of boxes and materials that can fit almost anything so that you don’t have to take the hassle of thinking about packages to get your belongings. Apart from regular kits, we also have specialized custom-made boxes that help us move fragile items that require special padding. Our delivery also has bubble cushion wrap built-in to ensure your belongings are safe. Moving also requires other essential things like scotch tape, bags, and labels, all of which we provide. The bottom line is that when we take on the responsibility to deliver all your belongings, it is up to us to do all the heavy lifting and manage all the moving kits so that you can be stress-free.

Moving Boxes and Supplies 

At Save On Delivery, we have a comprehensive selection of boxes of different sizes and shapes for your convenience. Below is a rundown of some of the popular options that will help you get a feel for the use case of some of the boxes.

Small boxes: The smallest box offered at Save On Delivery measures 1 foot by 1.5 feet long. These small boxes are ideal for small buy hefty objects like books and utensils. The packages generally do not have any padding inside, and therefore, we do not use them for fragile items.

Medium boxes: They usually have a combined area of 3 cubic feet and idea for small appliances. Due to its size, bubble cushions can be used with them but are not ideal for delicate belongings.

Large Boxes: With a combined area of 6 square feet, these are the jewels in Save On Delivery and can carry most items. But do remember, due to its size, we recommend filling it up with lighter things like clothes or plastic items; otherwise, it will get heavy, and it will be difficult to move on from place to place.

Special boxes for dishes: Our toughest box is made to carry fragile items like dishes. With added padding, the box will save your belongings from a drop, but surely we do not recommend that and do everything to ensure safety.

Wardrobe Boxes: Large boxes specially designed to carry clothes in a hanger include a metal bar to hang fancy dresses or suits that need special care.

From TV box to lamp, Save On Delivery has you covered, so why take the hassle when you can seek assistance from the experts? We also have an array of other specialized boxes to make your life easier. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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